Solving problems with design

Alex O'Neal's portfolio

One of the…

…best designers I have ever worked with.
—Jennifer Ehrlich, PhD, Usability Researcher

…best product owners I have worked with.
—Geethika Gummadi, Senior Project Leader

…most analytically sophisticated managers I've ever worked with.
—Greg Sawyer, BI Architect

…most supportive co-workers I have ever had.
—Nansi Hall, Writer

…most detail-oriented, self-sufficient and motivated UX professionals I have met in my career.
—Jim Machajewski, Director of UX

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Notes for skill paths, based on redesigned taxonomy and syllabus for UX design immersive course for General Assembly (2017).


As you might guess from the above quotes, I'm the original jack of all trades, master of some—at least, as far as user experience is concerned. I've researched, tested, designed from the inside out, performed content engineering and information architecture, dived deep into interaction design, led global cross-functional teams, developed visual strategies and branding, and run AB testing and extensive analytics. I love to prototype in code, and have occasionally been a front-end developer.

This portfolio is a work in progress, but below are personas I've designed for, roles I've done (many overlapping), and industries I've worked in. There are also links to some highlighted work. More coming soon!

This Google Charts Sankey diagram of my skill stacks is adaptive (will load to fit your viewport, down to 300px), but not responsive (you must manually reload if you change window size). Nevertheless it's a good overview of how different roles made use of my areas of expertise. Coded by yours truly.

Personas met along the way

  • app developers
  • bankers
  • BI analysts
  • CIOs
  • cloud engineers
  • customer service reps (internal)
  • doctors
  • entrepreneurs
  • farmers
  • federal government
  • Fortune 50/100/500 executives
  • home healthcare administrators
  • home healthcare therapists
  • IT administrators
  • jewelry buyers
  • library administrators
  • local government
  • microchip developers
  • middle-aged nostalgia seekers
  • mid-level business owners
  • military veterans
  • music fans
  • nurses
  • patients
  • pet owners
  • pharmaceutical executives
  • restaurant guests
  • RFID engineers
  • sales makers
  • shoe buyers
  • small business owners
  • students
  • telecom engineers


  • analyst
  • chief design officer
  • content engineer
  • content strategist
  • graphic artist
  • front-end developer
  • information architect
  • interaction designer
  • knowledge engineer
  • product owner
  • project lead
  • prototyper
  • sys admin
  • taxonomist
  • teacher
  • team lead
  • user researcher
  • ux manager
  • visual designer
  • web content manager
  • webmaster
  • writer


  • advertising/promotion
  • B2B
  • B2C
  • business intelligence
  • C2C
  • education
  • Fortune 50
  • healthcare
  • library
  • partners
  • retail
  • sem
  • semiconductor
  • seo
  • social network
  • start-up
  • technology
  • telecom