Requisite about page

Requisite about page

Who I am

Watercolor of two goldfish and rippling water.

Two fish. Watercolor, sometime in the nineties.

Hi, I'm Alex O'Neal. I've been solving problems with design thinking for some time now, using whatever building blocks are at hand: tools include but are not limited to user research, color, content strategy, taxonomy, code, flow, layout, interactions, service design, psychology, and testing. I've been doing it long enough to develop a personal design thinking approach, narrative design. Narrative design is a synthesis of narrative taxonomy and an ecological approach I developed in 2008 to better understand users. Buy me a cup of coffee and I'll tell you about it!

If you didn't guess from the "field entry" on the home page, taxonomy is a hobby of mine. Other hobbies include dogs, fiber art, painting, and writing. But that list feels way too short: Life is full of fascinating things, and it's rare I can't find the interesting in a subject.

Hope you enjoy the site!

blue winking brain representing neurological diversityP.S. Wondering where the winking brain logo came from? I designed that icon to reflect my neurologically diverse brain. Some days I'm certain it's having a joke on me that I may or may not be getting—hence the wink and the smile.

What this site is

I've had a variety of domains over the years, personal and professional, but attempts to consolidate content where appropriate, and provide a portal where not. So if you see a post originally on UXtraordinary, or the alexfiles, or any of a number of places, that's why. It's a slow but steady process.

How I did it

This site was done in Bootstrap 3, updated to Bootstrap 4 break points. I designed, wrote, and coded it myself. Unless otherwise noted, photographs and other imagery are my work. The blog is currently a customized Illustratr theme.

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