When & where I've worked


2016–present UXtraordinary

UX consultant, instructor, leader

Consulting corporation created after leaving Dell. Clients include General Assembly (lead instructor, three UX Design Immersives) and start-up/tech agency Cocolevio (consulting Chief Design Officer).


  • Built-in lesson quality
  • Redesigning a syllabus


  • banking execs
  • design students
  • developers
  • product owners
  • prospective students
  • restaurant guests
  • restaurant owners
  • shoe buyers
  • SMB owners

2019 Dell (season 2)

Sr. Principal Software Designer

Part of internal agency for Dell Services IT. Lead UX, Engagement Standardization project, Configuration Services, consolidating over a dozen complex apps into a simplified workflow while preserving detailed technical engineering requirements. Highlights:

  • UX, product, and service design contributions. Created detailed service blueprint to track multiple users within customer project journey. Provided flow, wires for complex use cases.
  • Worked closely with FinancialForce (FF) developers and POs for both FF and custom in-house SaaS. Learned Salesforce (Trailhead Expeditioner: 9 trails, 55 badges, 1 superbadge).
  • Conducted extensive user interviews and research. Scripted and conducted remote between-subjects usability testing for CS PM subjects in Americas, EMEA, and Asia-Pacific during their work hours. Performed analysis and readout (with some surprising results).
  • Invited by Dell Brand to present company-wide Blue Note on color usability in data visualization and the Dell brand palette. Accessibility ERG picked this up for EMEA conference. Also presented to design Community of Practice.

Project-based contract.


  • Samples in progress (removing NDA-relevant content)


  • administrators
  • project managers (PMs)
  • project support analysts (PSAs)

2013–2016 Dell (season 1)

Sr. UX architect, team lead

So much fun! Work included lead UX, Cloud Marketplace project; team lead, IT Innovations team; UX lead, sales performance analytics dashboard; UX lead, masthead and taxonomy; UX lead, Test & Target (A/B testing). Along the way I worked on a two-year global cultural research project and developed a data visualization guide and color-blind friendly color palette adopted by Dell Brand. Internal agency team.


  • app developers
  • CIOs
  • cloud engineers
  • entrepreneurs
  • Fortune 500 executives
  • IT administrators
  • mid-level business owners
  • parents, college students
  • sales makers
  • small business owners

2012 Kinnser Software

Sr. UX architect, acting product owner

One-stop UX shop for home healthcare software dot com Kinnser. I was the first, sole UX designer for multiple Scrum teams and one kanban team, as well as UX Product Owner for an offshore + local Scrum team. I provided SaaS design, prototyping, medical informatics,user research, usability testing, mobile, analytics. Mobile usage increased 17%→28% over six months.


  • nurses
  • administrators
  • billers
  • customer service representatives
  • small business owners

2011–2012 Hoover's Dun & Bradstreet

UX designer

Performed data visualization, ecommerce, SaaS, mobile and more in an internal agency environment. Worked closely with usability research, A/B testing marketing. Contract.

  • Profile feature redesign raised revenue 84%, form leads 33%.
  • Lead UX, DNBi data visualization/executive dashboard project. Worked closed with dev, usability.
  • Lead information architect, mobile app.


  • BI analysts
  • entrepreneurs
  • sales makers
  • small business owners
  • executives


2008–2011 Classmates

UX Manager, Product Owner

UX Manager; Scrum change management; Product Owner, featureand SEO Scrum teams; lead user research, SNA (social network analysis), A/B testing, BI analytics, UX strategy, taxonomy, user flow, use cases, wires, CSS.

  • Targeted UGX (user-generated experience) strategy. Increased 1→many user communication 181%, lifted 1→1 user-generated content 22%, and drove active user-generated content up 134%.
  • Conducted taxonomy audit to optimize site information design; developed road map strategy; conducted SNA (social network analysis); researched search personas.
  • Key profile refresh reduced bounce 55%, increased paid conversion 15%, lifted 1→1 user-generated content 22%.
  • Product Owner for feature and SEO global virtual Scrum teams; brought UX feature team velocity up 50% in 3 months.
  • Improved relationships with off-shore teams. Created change management UX strategy for waterfall→Scrum transformation


  • A working UX quotient
  • Increasing C2C content generation
  • Leading a global Scrum team


  • middle-aged nostalgic souls
  • military veterans
  • social network addicts


2006–2008 Texas Instruments

Experience architect, web content manager

Front-end development, wires, user research, taxonomy, content management, content strategy, global analytics team, testing, design, program management. Contract.

  • Developed user-centered content strategy refresh for RFID site. Taxonomy, UI, navigation refresh led to 122% click-through lift, 175% increase application views, and 29% increase product views.
  • “Singlehandedly saved the launch” of an online Endeca-run parametric search tool for RFID products. RFID engineers were unable to integrate disparate taxonomies and delayed notifying project team until a week before launch. I integrated 17 databases and spreadsheets into a single controlled vocabulary and taxonomy in less than two days, learned the data entry tool, and entered the data quickly enough to allow testing before launch.
  • Analytics skills and best practices led to inclusion in global actionable analytics board, representing web analytics.



  • engineers
  • government contractors
  • farmers
  • engineering students
  • executives